Z-Poc Nation is a podcast that covers current events, politics, zombies, and product reviews.


In this classic episode of Z-Poc Nation, Johnny C. accuses DoomsDave of not being ready for the zombie apocalypse. Professor Paige gives some fitness tips, and Mock somehow forces everyone to hate each other... ya know... cause he's a sith.

An instant classic! Author Shawn Durnin drops by to argue about surviving in a hotel during a zombie outbreak.

This episode was the first one that put us on the map! We discuss the best things to have in a bug out bag... and that doesn't mean sex toys are off the table.

We're not too sure what to say about this episode... it starts off as a regular appearance by long-time friend of the show, Adam Bradburry... But then he invites his wife on to chat... then his kid... it, it's just awful.

In this riveting episode, Guy Cain, host of Must Hate Zombies, calls in to discuss Black Friday. At the end of the show, DoomsDave whips up a Thanksgiving Day dinner that Mock will never forget!